Solid foundation on which the company was build sits on the lifelong experience of the master craftsman. Tradition, knowledge and quality have been our slogan for a long time. Knowledge and resourcefulness from the times when technology was not so widely available, passed on from generation to generation, along with constant investments allow us to keep up with the dynamic development of the technology in the modern world and are key to our success.

The company was founded in 1993. One of the first services offered was re-manufacturing of the cylinder blocks. In only a couple of years, until the early 2000’s, the growth of the company was branched out to crankshaft re-manufacturing, connecting rod re-manufacturing, cylinder head re-manufacturing while also developing the accompanying skills for fast, successful and diverse re-manufacturing, turning, milling and TIG welding.

From the early 2000’s onwards the company added servicing of turbochargers to its portfolio. During the twenty years in the turbocharger servicing sector, turbochargers have become the major business sector of the company. Investments in some of the latest technology necessary for maintaining the high quality of servicing allows us to solve the most complex problems our customers are facing, both on and off shore.

In order to further advance our company in the environmentally friendly direction, in 2019 we have invested in the DP Filter cleaning machines.

In order to modernize the approach to solving more complex engineering problems within out branch, in 2021 we invested in the CAD softwares as well as additive manufacturing.

  • Vision

    We see the future of our company in modernization of the existing and investment in the new technologies, keeping up with the rapid changes worldwide. Constant investments in equipment and education are the key for us to stay competent and competitive on the worldwide level, both with quality of the work and the environmentally friendly technologies.

  • Mission

    We want to ensure our customer satisfaction always comes first. We want to keep increasing the high quality standards of our work as well as growing the work volume annually. We want to be on the forefront of environmental innovation.