Over the past 25 years we have been reconditioning cylinder heads and with each project building our extensive portfolio. Having a wide range of cylinder heads come in our workshop, we are highly experienced and prepared to take on a new challenge.

By using top of the line modern machinery, constant investment in new technology and consistent investment in education you can rest assured that your cylinder head is being taken care of to the highest of the standards.

Services we offer within this sector:

Pressure testing


Surface grinding

Valve seat grinding / Replacement and grinding valve seats


Valve guide replacement

Valve grinding

How can we help you?

Utilising top of the line modern equipment, our highly experienced technicians can ensure you receive your fully serviced and tested Cylinder head in the shortest amount of time.

There are five simple steps you need to follow:

Contact us confirming details of your vehicle. This way we can provide you with an estimated price for our service.

Whether sending it as a parcel or bringing it in person, make sure you have safely packed the cylinder head into a strong box, making sure all of your contact details are visibly shown on the outside as well as our address and postal code which you can find here.

Contact your local courier to arrange for a pickup time or if you are nearby, come down to the shop during the work hours and see us, we are looking forward to meeting with you.

Once brought to us partially clean, we further clean the cylinder head to the state we can disassemble it and partially inspect while doing so. Following the disassembly process the cylinder head is thoroughly cleaned, damage is assessed, and full quotation of the service and spare parts is provided.
Upon confirmation we:
• Pressure testing
• Re-surfacing
• Surface grinding
• Valve seat cutting
• Valve guides replacement
• Valve grinding
Once machined it is our highest priority to confirm the quality of our work. We place special emphasis on:
• Dimensions and tolerances obtained during the machining process.
• Surface finish after cylinder head surfacing
• Sealing quality of the valves and valve seats


Once fully assembled and ready, we will provide you with a product to serve your needs in the years to come. Choosing your preferred method, we will return the cylinder head to you in person or pack it in a safe box and send it back to you at your preferred location using one of our local couriers.
If you would like to get more familiar with the topic of cylinder heads, different types, maintaining the healthy life of the cylinder heads and best course of action in case you need cylinder head repaired you have come to the right place. Please feel free to use FAQ section covering all of the above and more. In case you have a specific question, you are more than welcome to contact us.