Times where pen, paper and a lot of experience based guesswork were the only way to get things done are long gone. As the technology rapidly developed, especially over the past decade, the visualisation of the products, full assemblies and overall engineering work has moved onto the screen. Computer aided design or more commonly known as CAD is a constantly developing field where the technology has taken it from being a tool used for visualisation of the product to a complete engineering package. Nowadays CAD softwares are being used for visualisation, parametric modelling, animation, simulation and CAM while at the same time being able to cooperate directly with customers all over the world.
As our engineering tool chosen for faster and more accurate development of products we have been using Fusion 360. This is a cloud based all-in-one design software and engineering tool that allows us to offer a broad range of services within this sector:

Concept 2D and 3D design

• Modeliranje prema uzorku

Modelling as per sample

• Modeliranje jednostavnih i kompliciranih dijelova iz crteža i skica

Modelling simple and complex parts from drawings and concept sketches

Development of technical drawings and documentation for manufacturing


Development of concept 2D and 3D models and assemblies

render modela

Rendering models and assemblies

Simulacija gibanja i animacija

Motion simulation and animation

metode konačnih elemenata

Improvements to new and already existing components with utilisation of FEA for validation and optimisation

How can we help you?

Utilising an all-in-one cloud-based software from Autodesk we offer a wide range of services in the Computer Aided Design (CAD) i Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) sector.

There are five simple steps you need to follow:

Contact us briefly explaining the type of CAD or CAE service you require.

Whether you would like to meet in person or over a Zoom call it makes no odds. We are here to offer you the best service and understand your needs. During this first meeting we will take notes and break down project into milestone starting the path to project realisation whether it is a small and simple or large and complex project.

Based on information gathered during or initial meeting we shall dive into your project. Research, concept designs of simple and complex models and assemblies, simulation, animation or maybe even prototyping your idea using additive manufacturing, we can do it !

Once we have completed all the work we have agreed on during our initial meeting we will contact you to review all that has been done. Taking you through the design from top to bottom, together we work through all possible issues and improvement propositions from both us and yourself. We keep on revising the design until you are satisfied with the final product and send us your approval.

Once project is approved and entire technical documentation is completed, we deliver the project to you in the format we agree on. Whether it is PDF of the technical drawings, STEP /OBJ/IGES file or STL for 3D printing we can do them all !
If you would like to get more familiar with the topic of CAD, you have come to the right place. In out FAQ section you will find everything mentioned above and more. If you have a specific question, please contact us.